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Originally Posted by deelmakur
The real issue is how it looks. As in the case of that poor SOB at FEMA last week, whether or not he was culpable, he had to go. Earlier, our new geniuses in Tempe made a decision on this guy Crellin. I have no idea who he is, but I do know the help doesn't like him. If you take any time at all to review the history of the airline, whether or not he is the smartest aviation guy in the world, you realize what kind of message retaining him sends, especially when he's the only one you keep. Ditto, the generic payment of large bonuses to second and third tier managers of a company in the throes of its second bankruptcy. I repeat, this one is starting to look like a replay of "Dumb and Dumber".
and, don't forget, Dumbest-- Mr Lakefield isn't even being severed, yet he's collecting $1.7 million in "severance". ah, the sheer greed... ought to be wonderful as they go to the labor groups for more "needed sacrifice" in the months ahead... I'm sure ALPA is waiting for him with knives sharpened..
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