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Originally Posted by mtacchi
Absolutely not. I am sure I was a complete As* . Especially the second time when they upgraded someone into my seat.

CO, NW, AS, UA all F0 for the rest of the day unfortunately.
well, this says it all. in these situations, *one person* (either you Mtacchi or someone else in the F cabin) is going to be inconvenienced. Your attitude ensured that it would be you. I refuse to throw a boulder from my glass house, though. The agents aren't going to get in trouble because no matter what, someone is probably going to be calling CS or getting some compensation. They just figure they'll inconvenience the perceived *jerk.* Not my assessment of you, just a general comment.

Heck, I'm such a conspiracy theorist, that I believe the first agent may have even noted your record somehow which led to your further strife, but I know I'm probably way off base on that one, Scully. I realized being upset might let you vent, but it might result in my luggage *unintentionally* somehow ending up in SAN when I'm headed to EWR.

Missy, I am disturbed that having a ticket doesn't actually mean you have a ticket especially since AS no longer issues actual tickets as of Sept 15th. This cyberticket stuff is all so intangible and now we're being told a ticket doesn't always mean ticketed.
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