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Originally Posted by mtacchi

Nothing Missing. I was at the gate 45 minutes before. No seat Nothing.

THEN it gets BETTER>

I had 1 F on the next flight....bumped AGAIN. The agent made a mistake OOPSSSS... upgraded someone into my seat. Won't downgrade him... Maybe the next one...

Excuse me.. I am holding a boarding pass for 1F..yeah we gave that away..

So here I sit ..In the Quality Inn SEA. Missed the YVR connection due to Alaska's incredible incompetence.

The arrogance experienced today was obscene.
Well, assuming we aren't missing something huge here, a wise person (MISSY ) once pointed out to me that attitude is everything in these situations. Even armed with that, I still tend toward the testy side under these circumstances when I have *right* on my side (i.e. I've arrived on time, confirmed yada yada).

Now, Mtacchi, let's assume you were the picture of solitude and good naturedness when this happened (I'm honest enough to admit I would not have been but maybe you have a Zen thing going) then with a full F ticket, that's when I would talk with my feet. Get a refund and buy an F on Continental or United. That's assuming of course all things are completely as described. They both have late flights out of SEA to ANC. I certainly wouldn't give AS my business the next day either if it was too late or those flights were sold out in F. I'd cut off my nose and leave on CO's midday flight. I'd even *gasp* consider flying coach on another airline. Coach makes you even more sympathetic at Consumer Affairs when they research that a paying F pax was truly treated so poorly he went to another airline.

NOTE: I believe that Mtacchi believes he was appropriate. He may have been. I hope he took names and flight numbers. They can research these things and the consumer line is *ok* about resolving issues. I like them better than CO's WECARE line (but at least that one is an 800 number).

Incidentally, they do compensate downgrades. I was given a free ticket to give up my upgraded seat and fly 3 hours later approx 6 mos ago. It had something to do with medical and someone needing my 1D or whatever it was (funny thing is I hate the bulkhead, never request it and was actually dreading it a bit, but it wasn't coach). In any event, if you're pleasant enough, I don't see why they wouldn't have at least made that offer to one of the upgraded pax (I doubt all 12-16 seats were paid F) or compensated you directly.

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