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Originally Posted by Gigantor
Has it ever occurred to any of you that there is an element of obscenity associated with the members of the privileged class complaining that their perks are being modified?

I hope that every one of you also contribute just as much time and energy as you do on this forum in a more constructive way to build a more just society. My guess is that you occasionally write a check or two and think that you have done more than enough.
don't know what the obscenity and privileges are when you spend a good month in the air every year and nearly as much times in airports / lounges. There is so much you can do in terms of working and making best use of time, and I think that these forums here are a kind of relaxation (and complaining is part of relaxation...). I do not write cheques and I hope others don't do either. I am too familiar with the results. And no, its not a just world when you spend this amount of time in places away from places you would consider wortwhile being... a private jet certainly would make a more just society for me...


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