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Originally Posted by Kiwi Flyer
ottone and Glenlivet - your maths is slightly out. Earning on M&M in C/F is 225% and 325% if FTL/SEN.

So to qualify HON need 267k in C/185k in F flown miles (on LH/LO/OS/UA/AC) over 2 calendar years. Starting from scratch need slightly more due to no 25% status bonus on the first 50k (if German address) or 35k (everywhere else).

Status bonus for HON is 50%, so to requalify need 240k in C/171k in F flown miles (on LH/LO/OS/UA/AC) over 2 calendar years.
My calculation only showed that 200000 LX club miles (2/3 in C and 1/3 in Y) translate into 283750 LH HON miles, which in my opinion still means that the requirements for HON and circle are different, but not widely different. Now, of course the fact that you only need 150000 LX club miles to keep the status changes things a little: for LX you need to fly 350000 club miles for the first two years, i.e. 233000 in paid C (15 % less than LH) or 175000 in paid F (5 % less than LH). For the following years you only need 300000 club miles on LX, i.e. 200000 in paid C (vs 240000 for LH) or 150000 in paid F ( vs 171000 for LH) over a two-year period. So, by making an "integrated" comparison the differences in qualification requirements are below 20 %, and this is all my calculation meant to show.
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