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Originally Posted by Glenlivet
Thanks Ottone,


Who says that HON I much more elitist than Circle...
In addition, you are not automatically getting Circle status you need to be approved by the senior management of LX...
But what then surprises me, is that if the number of Circle members that I quoted above is correct, that LX would have a much higher percentage out of their total PAX flying on such a high level of flying = high yield - to qualify for HON / Circle - especially with the F or C component for qualification.
1200 - 1500 vs 2300 members - this against the backdrop of total flying PAX on LX - should it not mean that LX would be better off or do not all Circle members qualify over the mileage level initially before "going in front" of management approval. Assuming that not all are approved the Circle customer basis would even be larger. Somehow given the financial woes this does not add up.

Just curious.


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