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No...there's no procedure for it. However, I did have some luck on the one and only occasion when I had to postpone a flight for medical reasons. I managed to get an ear infection the day before a flight from TPA to ORD. The ER doctor I saw in St Petersburg found out through our conversation that I was to fly to Chicago the next day and said, "If you do, you'll risk rupturing your ear drum." Having already had one surgery to repair an ear drum, I elected to try to postpone my flight. The doctor wrote a medical notice for me to give to US Airways. I suspected that, per US Airways' policy, the note would do no good whatsoever. However, I got a gate pass for the TPA US Airways Club and pleaded my case with a friendly Club rep. She changed my flight to the following day with no penalty.

All that is to say, it probably won't happen, but it never hurts to ask. You might just get the right person.

Of course, in my case, it probably helped that I was CP and the agent in TPA recognised me from my frequent visits to that Club locale.
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