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Kerstin Ruf
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@ Pocoloco: Your STC Gold status will be matched into M&M SEN (= *G) status, valued for two (!) years. STC Silver status → M&M FTL (= *S).

@ rorschi: You are comparing apples with oranges: Looks like that STC fits for your travel pattern better than M&M. This has nothing to do if you have the option to transfer STC miles into M&M miles (as LO left Qualifyer members residing in Poland could transfer their miles into M&M, as OS left Qualifyer, this was not an option). Bear in mind, that LH has to make provisions for unused miles in their books! One of the reasons why LX broke up with BA was, that LX had to pay/miles to BA if STC miles could transfer into EC miles: LX could not afford this!
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