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Originally Posted by NYCommuter
I switched from US to UA and am not looking back, even though I fly from CLT. When I was considering what airlines I could take other than US, as I usually fly from CLT-NYC, UA won because I could still get some preferred treatment even without getting status matched on UA.

The biggest draws for me are having (1) a confirmed Economy Plus seat without having to deal with the headaches of having upgrades not clear until when I was at the gate (I got so sick of having US gate agents lie about my upgrade status and then being fussed at by flight attendants when I would go to my assigned coach seat when my upgrade had actually cleared and my coach seat had been given to someone else), which happened far too frequently on US even though I am Chairman's Preferred, and (2) Red Carpet Clubs available in a lot of airports where there is not a US Airways Club.

If you get a RCC membership on top of your US Club membership, the small fee will be prorated for whatever time is left during the term of your US Club membership. Also, UA FC seems a lot better than US's, even though on 737s there are only 8 seats on UA (it seems) compared to 12 on US. E+ is fine, though. UA's 757s are a lot better than US's cattle-car 757s (with 8 FC seats).

I'd definitely recommend taking UA. It's been a very good experience.
I absolutely agree with taking UA over US. My flying habits just prevent it. But on the CLT-NYC route doesn't that put you through IAD on primarily UX which to me is the pits and an awful Terminal G at IAD?
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