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US Air to United switch


I'm currently deciding whether to switch from US to UA. I've spent the last few days reading threads on both programs, services, and FT feedback. Lately, I've been quite frustrated with US's service and customer support. Some of the things I am comparing are as follows. Curious if anyone else had thought about making a switch.

- Fly from SEA to BTV or PHL - UA tickets usually $15-35 cheaper

- US has a higher % of coach to first class (US A321 vs UA 757) which are usually the planes I fly on

- Bankruptcy always lingering w/ US

- UA Visa Signature offers EQM's for each $1 spent vs US Visa Signature giving 10k preferred miles after spending $25k

- Which elite program offeres better service? Unsure on this one (I like the free food - smile)

- US not as established for transcon to asia vs UA

- Concerned about tier status of US DM after HP merger. Could get UA to comp current status (US Gold)

So this is the latest list I have compiled. What do other FT ppls think. I'm still fairly new to FT and flying as an elite, but plan to be flying a lot more in the future.

Any thoughts or feedback? - GH
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