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Sorry to spoil.
But SR and now LX are not financially vitable airlines. LX was purchased by LH, did not purchased LH. And as history teaches, the winner rules.

Do not take me wrong, I collected a certain number of STC miles even if I was never able to use them (I gave them to charity just before expiration date).

Do you complain about loosing the accrual of 1000 miles per segment in cheap Y ? Fly AZ and collect an extra 20% (1200). And 600 miles and not 500 for most hotel stays. Why is AZ giving away so much compared to LH ?
Do you see my point ? The best FFP benefits are provided by the airlines in the worst financial situation just to collect as many passengers as they can.

BA and LH are 'loosing' all the passenger providing low revenue becasue of very low miles amounts or no tier points. So ? They are happy about it.

I'd like to get always an upgrade (free of course), lounge access (and no queue for the showers!) even if flying with a LCC, huge bonus just to change my e.mail address and a qualifying amount of miles for a bus ride of 50 miles as the ones provided to a non FT reader when having his RTW in first class.

What I think it was the only really good point of SR FFP is long gone. The Qualiflyer was an overall FFP program, so no strange answer about using your well deserved miles with a partner...'well, that route is sold by XXX but it's operated by one of its partner and it's not one of our partner, so no way and start walking if you want to go there'
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