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Originally Posted by Yak40
Excellent point. Switzerland has always been kind of a hedgehog. The Swiss like to have it cosy. There is a lot of people who fly LX out of patriotism Ė even if they donít admit it.

If LH/M&M take away the Swissness from LX/STC, LX may soon be gone. Maybe this was the intention anyway.

And no, SVP is not the party I vote for.
agreed - it might be the best solution for the company as such but it will be the end of the brand as we know it. As an 'Auslandsschweizer' there was certainly something which no longer will be... apart from the fact - notwithstanding all the detractors - that it was/still is one of the best international airliners out there. Reason number 1 ceased to exist and 2 will soon too.
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