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Reasons why I am flying with LX

Originally Posted by f4free
...If you haven't posted yet, please go ahead and put down what parts of the Travelclub program keep you flying LX, and should stay in place in your opinion. ...
It is basically what others already mentioned:

- Good value (only 20k miles) for European tickets with
- up to eight segments
- a variaty of quality airlines (e.g. LX, AY, PS)
- two stops (one destination and one stop over)
- cheaper airport taxes than with LH

Other important benefits of the TC
- Many collecting promotions
- faster gold member than with LH
- gold advantages (e.g. lounges for two even if not flying with LX)
- full amount of miles also for cheap tickets
- destinations can be reachead via another station (with LH one must chose the shortest and directest way)
- one can easily change the dates of booked tickets (against a fee)

etc, etc. It is to say that the TC is much more what I like than M&L. My last flight with M&L is already about two years ago! This says a lot, doesn't it?

Another plus for LX: Most of my flights are only done with LX because of the STC and my status. Hence, it is better for the airline to generate small revenues with me than to fly with empty seats.

Last but not least: I also influence my family and friends on their choice of the airline...

If the STC will become M&L, I will not be loyal against LX anymore but start either not to fly so much anymore or to constantly chose the cheapest airline.
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