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Originally Posted by hfly
1) I once met the senior supervisor woman after a 2 hour battle with them, I have her name memorized and when up agains such idiocy, have demanded to see her and as she has been in that role for about 7 years, generally get results.
Fair play, and it surely helps a lot.

Originally Posted by hfly
IF she is not around, or they claim she is not around, 2) When they refuse to give their name, pull out my phone take their picture and ask them to please repeat the BS they have just said again so I can record it as well - they go absolutely bonkers but I find that I am instantly booked either on the next plane (whatever French or EU regs say AF NEVER EVER wants to FIM onto other airlines) or given at least the Sofitel. Camera phones are useful.
Wow... better declare war. From a French cultural perspective, there is nothing ruder you can do to them. Besides, I believe it's illegal in France to take a picture of someone without his/her consentment. Finally, should things really go sour, these types of recordings are not accepted as evidence in court.
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