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Originally Posted by hfly
No actually real idea that works wonders, and I have used it in many circumstances, not just with AF, if the employess gets hostile and demands the picture deleted or whatever, I just inform them that I've already e-mailed it somewhere (myself, whatever), it is the ultimate equalizer.
Is it legal? It's definitely rude and intimidating. Normally, those staff in the frontline are just having to implement whatever corporate policies are sent down to them by faceless suits behind closed doors. Not giving a name or at least a staff number is unnecessarily bad service but I could imagine the initial looks of confusion, closely followed by howls of laughter at the complaints department when they read your letter with an enclosed pic of their flustered colleague.

If I was ever on the receiving end of this treatment, I would need to exercise serious self-restraint so that camera phone isn't taking pictures deep inside your rectum.
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