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I asked for the name of the employee because
1. I wanted to complain to the supervisor and I should have known the name of person I was going to complain about
2. I think for a written compensation request it is always useful to name the persons you dealt with

As I think that this procedure is fully accepted/implemented bei Air France, it's not a question of punishment of a single person but a question of learning that these procedures will - from time to time - cost the airline some money for compensation (but this is rather general comment and not especially related to Air France).

I think noone will seriously consider going to the police because an airline treats you badly - it's more or less a tasteless joke to get rid of the complaining customer.

And next time I come to an Air France transfer desk, I will hide my boarding card and say: "Could you please rebook me, but I'm not allowed to say my name either"
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