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Thumbs down AF-Employee: I'm not allowed to give you my name

On tuesday I was booked on AF BRE-CDG-NCE with a 70-minutes-connection at CDG from 17.15-18.25 on an award tix in Y. Being BMI DC Gold, my business usually goes to *, but this time I thought I could burn some old miles on Flying Blue.

Aircraft at BRE came 90 min. late in from CDG, hence my arrival at CDG was at 18.30 h, the connection was missed, of course. No big problem, I thought, as there was a 19.30 h flight to NCE with huge availability (I checked before with the KVS Tool).
Big surprise when I arrived around 18.40 h at the transfer desk in 2D: I couldn't go on the 19.30 h-flight (the last on AF to NCE on this day) because I had checked baggage and it wasn't sure if the baggage would make the connection. AF would need 120 min. to ensure the correct redirection of the baggage!? Hence I would have to stay at CDG overnight and take a flight the next morning.

OK, I said, I'd take the risk of delayed baggage and I did even offer to renounce on the delayed baggage compensation in advance. NO WAY.
I argued that I could even go to ticket counter and buy a ticket for that 19.30 h flight as it was still 45 minutes before departure (boarding time was 19.00 h). NO WAY.
I suggested to rebook me on the easyjet flight to NCE at 21.00 h, but: NO WAY. I quoted the EU Regulation but it didn't help either.

As the easyjet option was still available on my own expense, I took the hotel voucher (Ibis ** - not really my category), but demanded for full compensation according to the EU regulation. NO WAY. She argued, that my delay wasn't the fault of Air France !?

At this point, I asked her for her name as she didn't wear a name plate, but she replayed: I'm not allowed to give you my name.
I: Could I please speak with the supervisor?
She: No, he is not here and won't be here within one hour.
I: Could you please give me the name of the supervisor?
She: No, I'm not allowed to give you the name of the supervisor, and they are changing all the time.
I: Could I please speak with a responsible person?
She: You could go to the police which is located ... [she seriously described the way to the next police office from 2D].

Very funny joke, I thought. As I was too surprised by this behaviour I left the transfer desk at this point.

Being only FB Ivory and travelling on an award tix, I was nothing at AF (and surely will never be anything more!) but I wonder how AF can seriously conduct procedures like these.

What do you think ?

a) regarding the connection
with LH at FRA or MUC it is never a problem to redirect the baggage, considering that the bar code can easily be reprogrammed, if it is done before boarding time of the new flight. I accept that baggage could be delayed with a rebooked connection, but it never happened to me with other airlines that I was denied a rebooking well before boarding time because of the possibilty that the baggage could be delayed.

b) regarding the behaviour: Completely inacceptable in many ways. I wonder how Air France can seriously implement/accept a procedere where employees are not allowed to give their names or the name of their supervisor.
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