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My few Rappen...

In the past 10 years, Qualiflyer / STC has been successful in winning (all!) my travel over the cheapest provider per route (LCCs on short-hauls and normally KL or AZ on longhauls) thanks to these perks, in order of importance:
  • Full miles on all fares.*
  • 8 segment awards.
  • Low elite threshold.
  • Occasional operational upgrades based on STC status.
  • Lounge access regardless of airline flown - especially important when I do fly non-aligned carriers.
  • Good award availability on partners.
  • Occasional promos offering heaps of miles!

Writing this I realize that it really only is the FFP that has kept me flying LX, for product, service and network offered are no longer any better than the one of their competitors. Should STC become similar to or be merged with M&M (with whom I still am FTL but won't renew it), I would no longer have any incentive to fly LX/LH or its partners unless they manage to differentiate themselves in their fares, schedules or superior product offerings.

* Call me cynical, but I would like to clarify this: Full miles on all fares means an accrual / redemption ratio that looks like it is now, i.e. 20 shorthaul segments in the cheapest Eco fare class equals one unrestricted European Y award ticket. I would hate to see an announcement "1000 miles per segment continues with M&M" while at the same time award levels skyrocket...

P.S. Is it a losing battle? Probably. Is it still worth fighting? Definitely!
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