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Minimum miles on all fares NEED to stay!

Let me start it off:

1) I am afraid that LX Travelclub will no longer exist, and everybody will be integrated into M&M the way it is now.

2) The most important benefits I value a lot now, and that I am most afraid will disappear, are:

- 100% miles on all fares
- 1000 mile minimum in Europe
- 8 segment awards
- good award availibility

If I had to earn under the M&M scheme, there would be no more loyalty towards LX from my side. I do not collect miles in M&M because of the extremely low mileage earning on discount fares.

If the 1000 minimum go away, or low fares don't earn full mileage anymore, I would no longer have a reason to fly Swiss, especially since more and more flights are out of Geneva where I have to connect somewhere anyway.

Swiss would loose 3/4 of the travel I do with them. 25+ flights a year! And LH would not get any of them because they have the same rules.
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