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Originally Posted by JS
No, I meant the first one you posted, LGA-CVG-ATL-MCO. JFK-BOS-ATL-MCO is 486 miles more, which I do not think is worth paying the extra $5 to go to JFK, dealing with JFK, dealing with a CRJ, and dealing with BOS. After all, if you really wanted to maximize miles, you wouldn't be flying to MCO in the first place.

Where in Flushing are you going to be?

Well I have to go to MCO anyway so it was just to get the maximum mileage from it.maybe you are right,for 486 miles it's not worth it.I'm going to be on the Q15 route,on 150th street.let's see if I can find a better schedule,cuz I really don't want to be stuck 4 hours in ATL!thanks for all the infos JS

The fare jumped to 190$,the MCO-CVG-LGA now comes out in U not in T,though T is widely open how come?any hint how to get the T booking code for the last 2 legs?thanks

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