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A lot has changed over the past three years. I remain unconvinced that Delta has unilaterally reduced the number of seats available for SkySaver. One thing is for sure, though, and that is:

1) the competitive environment has gotten even tougher
2) more people are flying (buying tickets to be precise)
3) SkyMiles are being created like mad, especially with the credit cards

The first two have led Delta to add yet another low-end booking class (T). I think U was added more than three years ago but it wasn't that long ago (after the SkyMiles program was created). What this means is that Delta is trying to sell as many seats as they can at whatever fare they can possibly get. This puts a constraint on the number of SkySaver seats that can be claimed by SkyMiles members that are not sold to the public.

Point #3 means there are more miles chasing these seats, and the end result is that it is very difficult to find seats on routes that have any amount of LCC competition (such as SEA), and especially around peak travel times.

While the week of Thanksgiving is more popular than the week before, the week before is still much more popular than your average week.

Personally, I have not traveled to visit family for Thanksgiving since 1995, and I have no plans to ever do so again. Air travel on an average day is a pain enough as it is; why quadruple it just because it's Glutton Day? (that's what my relatives do on Thanksgiving, eating like there's no tomorrow).

During the 1990's, one year I drove 200 miles, which took 6 hours, and another year I took Amtrak the same 200 miles, and that also took 6 hours. I said, "screw this" and haven't looked back. ^

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