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Originally Posted by channa
Most definitely. Which is quite generous considering UA 1Ps and 2Ps get EconomyPlus, which has extra legroom. In many cases, there is as much legroom in UA E+ as there is in NW F!

Plus UA blocks the middles next to its elites so that nobody sits next to them (unless the plane is full, of course). So with more legroom, more width, entertainment and Channel 9, it's not bad at all. ^
UA has a similar policy to NW('s new policy) in that if it's on the same reservation, it's no problem. If on separate reservations, it can be done but is very tricky... you have to get the right agent, and then watch the record like a hawk as any schedule change will bump the companion out of E+. But, as mentioned, the seat blocking solves most of this as the seat next to you is bound to be empty by the time your companion checks in, so that seat can be made available usually without a problem. [Also, this all applies to one companion only.]
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