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Asking for SkySaver reclassification?

Are there any useful approaches for asking to have a seat or two reclassified to SkySaver?

My wife and I want to go to Seattle (from Tallahassee) the weekend before Thanksgiving. I've done it before with no trouble, but as expected the award seats are much tighter now. I can find SkySavers on the outbound by pushing the date back to Wednesday the 16th, but no SkySavers at all on Sunday or Monday the 20th or 21st. Of course starting the Tuesday before T'day it's completely hopeless. (Actually looking all the way out to next May it's very hard to find SkySavers.)

With only 150,000 miles to spend, I'd really rather not use 2/3 of them on one trip ... though I understand that this probably isn't too bad a deal and that I should be valuing them at only 1 cent/mile now rather than the traditional 2 cent/mile.

I called and spoke with an agent and asked, and the answer was a flat "we never reclassify". Insisted on talking with a supervisor and got the same answer. Well actually the answer was "it's impossible", and I probably didn't score any points by asking if it would be possible if the Delta CEO called and said do it. They aren't paid to engage in philosophical logic.

So are there any approaches worth trying to get them to shake loose a couple of SkySaver seats? Or am I stuck using double miles? It's not worth $800 to us to make the trip, the minimum it would cost for real tickets. If we decide not to take any of the currently available options, I might check when the time gets close, but there is some T'day pressure by the Sunday before so it's unlikely to open up -- a week earlier would be different.

I don't have much weight to swing around compared with a lot of people here -- half a million lifetime miles is a lot more than the average vacationer but not a heavyweight business traveler. Do I carry any weight at all? Haven't made Medallion in several years, partly because NWA now has a lot of competing flights with better schedules from TLH. But NWA is just as tight on the awards and I don't have enough miles to consider the double miles award on NWA.

Oh, and I've tried leaving from JAX, MCO, ATL. No better luck. Used to be that connections to TLH were the first flights to fill, but now it's the long haul segments. TLH flights will fill up after the students get back in August or September.

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