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Originally Posted by jtkauai
if it makes you feel any better, the stats may not be that meaningful. for example, hawaiian got 1st place in on-time. however, the majority of their flights are inter-island, of 20 minutes duration, and almost never have weather. someone on the ha board recently analyzed and found that hawaiian would have been last in the prior results had the inter-island portion been removed. liars figure and figures lie.
Which is why you can look at the full report and isolate out the reportable airports (the 31 largest in the country), and see how everyone compared.

At those airports, the average was 83.4%, and AS had 58.9% on-time performance.

In fact, AS's performance managed to singlehandedly put SEA's performance into the most delayed airport in the country (behind typical winners such as LGA and EWR).

- SEA had 71.5% on-time performance on 8,765 arrivals
- AS at SEA had 56.9% on-time performance on 3,839 arrivals

So, if you pull AS's numbers out of there, without AS, SEA would have had 82.9% ontime performance on 4,926 arrivals.

I wonder if the airport authority is at all concerned with this.
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