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Originally Posted by RoyalFlush
Pre-purchase drinks. ^ ^ ^ I’d do it.
Whee. I'm *really* hoping this takes off. It's by far the easiest way of handling things, from my end of course, and that's what counts.

Originally Posted by RoyalFlush
You do care and are active on this board. Nice to see that. Excuse my ‘Programs’ profile making fun of your airline’s name – it’s in good humor. I use 4 letter words to describe DL/AA/US/NW and those are in bad humor!
LOL!!! Take a look at my sig, I make fun of my airline all the time, no offence taken. Last time I had someone grumbling to me about how *why* were we late, it was just a stupid storm, Delta is *never* late, etc, I finally felt I had to speak up.

"Sir, excuse me, but do you know what DELTA stands for?"
Him, suspicious: “What?”
Me, innocently: “Why, Delayed Even Later Than AirTran, of course!”

tj41 - Not at the moment. But I've got two CI days this month and that trip needs two F/A's due to integration, so who knows. I normally avoid DEN, it’s long, and I dislike the 737. I’m one of those crazy people that likes to *work* when I’m at work. But as a day trip it wouldn’t be so bad.

As to flight attendants caring... well, we’re hearing some *very* intriguing rumors. Inflight has really been cracking down on people who receive multiple letters in their file from other f/as or customers for the same offence, mostly being rude, but the biggest one is the “making up rules” problem. You know the type. A lot of temporary suspensions, which really hurts. They are also talking about putting in some sort of system to really promote those who do an excellent job.

I really liked the constantly repeated point in customer service training “we are flight *attendants*, not flight *marshals*.” The one thing they said that made me thing the training was not such a bad idea was this. We spend *maybe* 10% of our job doing safety related requirements. The rest is pure customer service. We get go through recurrent every year to make sure we measure up safety-wise, why not make sure everyone is measuring up customer service-wise?

SaveDelta - I think the amenity kits will go over well if they are introduce after the “pre-paying” system goes into place. One thing I often hear is “instead of eliminating blankets/pretzels/whatever, why not just charge a few extra bucks for the ticket? I’d pay that.” This would let people chose whether or not they wanted that included in the ticket price. Not sure how it would work if you were buying over Orbitz or whathaveyou, but you’d still get a chance at the kiosk.
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