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...good suggestions above

My list, in order of preference, would be

1. Ability to prebook row 10 bulkhead for elites only - I know it is used for passengers with disabilities, but UAL allows seats there to be selected, so it has to be possible. I would be fine with a disclaimer that indicates I might be bumped, but if it is not used for disabilities, I would get to sit there. And, AirTrans definition of disability is very loose - people using a wheelchair - fine. Last couple of flights I have been on it has been for overweight or out of shape or older people. Fine if they don't want to walk all the way back to row 30 or something, but they could sit in row 11 just fine. This one would be the most important to me.

2. The idea of rewarding Elites with upgrade coupons is a great one. Airtran sort of already does because you can use miles for upgrades, but the 500 milers from UAL are nice. It should be for legs or miles. And it should be allowed at time of booking or check in.

3. Match status at other airlines. I've decided to fly Airtran, and hoping to make Elite within the first quarter, but it sure would be nicer if I could have matched status. Would have made the decision to fly Airtran (instead of Delta) a no brainer instead of one I mulled over for 2 weeks.

4. If Elites could sit in bulkhead, then also offer Elites snacks. No free drinks, but snacks would be nice since you can't even buy them if you want them.
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