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Originally Posted by moulder3
I just returned home from a week-long business trip, and was catching up on what I missed on the FlyerTalk forum, only to find that I missed 25% off starwood redemption?!?!??


If I had gotten an email, I would have heard about this in time, and booked numerous stays for the summer....but now I missed it all? (And I'm assuming this is the only time this will happen this summer)

This is EXACTLY why I have one foot out the door with SPG...this is crazy! We all drop thousands and thousands of dollars at Starwood hotels, and the only way to find out about this promo is through a message board, since only a fraction of us plats. somehow got the offer email?!?

William, PLEASE tell me you guys are going to offer a Round 2 on this offer ASAP, this time informing ALL Platinums (a level that implies we've been extremely loyal to SPG)...not just the ones that frequent message boards!

Sorry to rant everyone, but I think we frequent guests (and especially plats.) deserve better from a company that we (frequently) go out of our way to support.

I couldn't agree more. I don't understand why *wood wouldn't send an email to everyone. What is the point of a secret promotion?
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