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cawhite60156, here's an SQ19 Raffles Class menu from February 2005.
Although it is not quite current, I hope this can be useful.
Thanks to oontiveros who gave me this menu.

DINNER MENU (Los Angeles – Singapore)

Round Off the Evening with
A Scrumptious Meal and Sip of Champagne

A Tantalising Note
Rice Paper Roll
Choice of prawn or roast duck with lettuce, vegetables, mung bean noodles, seasoned in rice paper

Tasty Beginnings
Combination of wild mushrooms and roasted duck with Caesar salad and warm light cream of mushroom soup

The Main Event
Harissa rubbed Northern Atlantic halibut fillet, boiled fingerling potato with yoghurt, spinach with pine-nuts and raisin
Exclusively created by Nancy Oakes of Boulevard, San Francisco

Grilled 6oz New York cut steak served with pommery mustard sauce, roasted vegetables and garlic mashed potato

Stir fried maine lobster in XO sauce served with selected vegetables and steamed rice

Wakadori teriyaki
Japanese style soya glaced chicken served with seasonal vegetables and steamed rice

The Cheese Corner
Californian brie
Sweet and creamy with soft, spreadable texture

Complex with a nutty caramelized flavour

Saint Maure
Moist soft goat cheese with a natural rind

Served with apricot paste, seasonal fruit, walnut and biscuit.

Fresh Pickings
Fruits in season

Sweet Overtones
Choice of banana walnut ice cream or Opera cake
Both served with chocolate sauce

Tranquil Finale
Gourmet Coffee
Brazil Santos Bourbon
Colombian Supremo
Kenyan AA « Kilimanjaro »

Premium Tea Selection
Pure Ceylon Tea
Earl Grey
Japanese Green Tea
Chinese Oolong Tea
Decaffeinated Tea


BETWEEN MEALS MENU (Los Angeles – Singapore)

Light Bites Between Meals

Chicken and mushroom congee
Rice congee cooked with poached chicken, flower mushroom and topped with Chinese cruellers

Omelette served with stewed vegetables in tomato fondue, chicken artichoke sausage, sautéed potato and yoghurt drink

Sauteed prawn served with creamy shiitake mushroom sauce and lemon fettucine pasta

Braised black cod in preserved black bean sauce served with fried noodles with vegetables

Gourmet coffee
Brazil Santos Bourbon / Colombian Supremo
Kenyan AA « Kilimanjaro »

Premium tea selection
Pure ceylon tea / Earl Grey / Darjeeling / Japanese Green Tea / Chinese Oolong Tea / Camomile / Decaffeinated Tea

BREAKFAST MENU (Los Angeles – Singapore)

Breakfast Time!

Our new Breakfast Time! lets you enjoy all the sleep you want, uninterrupted. Simply make your breakfast choice known to our cabin crew before lights out, and you will be awakened in time to enjoy your breakfast selection.

The Complete Breakfast
Take your pick of the Main Event from our scrumptious selections.
Served 3 hours prior to arrival

A Tantalizing Note
A choice of apple, tomato and freshly squeezed orange juices

Tasty Beginnings
Choice of cereals or yoghurt
Cornflakes or granola with milk

The Main Event
Sauteed chicken in red wine sauce with confit of lemon slices, fricassee of peas, mushrooms and potatoes
Exclusively created by Gordon Ramsay, London

Scrambled egg served with broiled ham steak, roasted tomato, sautéed mushroom and roesti potato

Selection of dim sum
Chinese glutinuous rice with chicken, pork dumplings and prawn dumplings

Braised egg noodles with beef rib, mushrooms and leafy greens

From The Bakery
Freshy baked breads served with butter and preserves

Morning Aromas
Gourmet coffee
Selection of tea

Continental Breakfast
Delight in this simple yet wholesome meal
Served 2 hours prior to arrival

Breakfast pastry and preserves, fresh fruit, juice, coffee and tea

Our crew will wake you up for the Complete Breakfast if they do not receive your selection.

For a More Pleasurable Experience

A range of assorted biscuits, instant noodles and hot and cold beverages are available to you to select from throughout the flight.

You’ll also be able to enjoy freshly brewed cappuccino and espresso with our range of aromatic Gourmet Coffees including Brazil Santos Bourbon, Colombian Supremo, and Kenyan AA “Kilimanjaro”.

You may wish to try one of SIA’s special touches – extra virgin olive oil, as a healthier alternative to butter, to be served with bread.

Finally, to complement your meal, our unique Kris Chilli Sauce, made to an original Singapore Airlines recipe, is always available.

Last but not least, do let us know if there is anything we can do to make your flight more pleasurable.
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