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Ken hAAmer
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Can't believe hours & hours gone by without someone... adding to the discussion on this topic.
Sorry, I was working. (I mean real work, not my usual goofing off at my desk.)

But it still elicits only a yawn. I think in the minds of FFers, AP has been gone a long time already. One only needs to thumb through the Kumquat or Banana or Pomegranite magazine to realize there's almost no connection between AP and AC or frequent flyers.

I suppose there's a tiny chance it might mean things will get better. Perhaps AC will realize they no longer have a FF program, will get with the program and develop one. More likely, I think they will hold on to their superstitions and claim that AP is still their FF program, even as it gets further and further from having any relationship to flying.

In short, I suspect that the lack of response is because no one here cares.
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