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In addition, I will add that if there is even the slightest cause to suspect that something untoward has happened regarding your purchase, say, perhaps, you suspect that you were wrongly charged, or your credit card used without authorization, by all means pursue this option, as well as avenues such as the better business bureau and consumer protection, but also contact the RCMP immediately. I have seen first hand many, many cases where the passenger knew themselves to have been ripped off, threatened, or even actually began to pursue legal actions, but never even considered contacting Canada's finest. In most of those cases, the RCMP should definitely have been brought in. Not even I realized that they were the ones who should have been contacted straight off the bat. It took a suggestion from someone at Transport Canada.
That said, the RCMP does have an existing file on certain Air Canada subsidiaries. This is a fact to which I can attest. I am sure that they would be interested in taking complaints involving any AC divisions, not just the one which you can already guess the name of. Likewise, having myself once gone the route of trying to deal with things of this nature through internal channels, I would recommend that employees not waste time taking that route, but go straight to the these guys. Internal complaints rely, just as external complaints do, on the complaint falling on a someone not involved in what's going on. The chances of that happening ain't good.
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