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Originally Posted by SPN Lifer
I think the KIX mini-hub was affected by very high landing fees, and the fact that it began operation near the peak of the bubble in 1995, shortly before the 1997 Asian economic collapse. So, essentially, a combination of factors including bad timing.

Does anyone know how the new NGO landing fees compare with those at KIX and NRT?
The issue KIX has is that they don't generate a lot of Business Travelers. The Kansai (which means greater Osaka area) economy has been so bad. On the other hand Nagoya area econmoy has been not so bad and surely ahead of total Japan economy condition.

About the landing fees, I got some information from Japanese Paper. This is for B744 international route landing fee (assumption of weight at 395t);

NRT Yen 948,000
KIX Yen 825,600
NGO Yen 655,700

Compared to airport in other countries, this is much more expensive. Other airports (like JFK, LHR etc.) collect more money from us (the passengers) than these airports in Japan.
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