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Civicmon: I realize that today a significant percentage of travellers on those beyond-NRT intra-Asia segments is local traffic. But that is today. I'm talking about as we near the next decade. In 2010 traffic to all over Asia from the US will grow by a healthy 25-30% (upto about 5% per annum) and by 2010 I highly doubt that NRT will add additional runway capacity, so NW will be stuck will the same number of slot pairs it has today. NW will have three choices reduce its market share, upgauge its existing US - NRT flights, or begin to de-spoke NRT and begin overflying it. A realistic solution is a combination of the later two options, thus resulting in an effect that those US - NRT segments would have more seats be taken up with passengers flying between the US and NRT.

I believe that it would be more likely that NW would add more beyond KIX routes such as your KIX-BKK. Your suggestion for a 2nd NRT-BKK seems unrealistic as there are and will be runway constraints at NRT. HNL-BKK sounds interesting with a stagelength of 6600 mi, it would have limited demand though. LAX-BKK is pushing the limits of the 788.
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