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Originally Posted by DJMeatBall
United Airlines tried a India<->Asia set of flights (before 9/11) which apparently was somewhat less than successful. If the Search feature of FT were working, you would be able to look up the history.

I'd love to see NWA finally start up the DTW <-> Madrid service they attempted to begin a couple years ago. There are one, maybe two WorldPerks (marketing) airline partners passengers can link up with from Madrid, for points beyond.

I can't imagine why NRT <-> Vietnam can't happen. Why won't it happen?
Those were part of an around the world flight similar to PanAM 001 and 002, Asia-India being HKG<->DEL. I am not sure why it did not work although traffic to India was heavy then too. It could have something to do with the times. That the demand for trafic in and out of India is not fully met is shown by the fatc that the fares are still high on a per mile basis. With the open skies agreement having initialled between India and the US, expanded agreement bewteen China and India and India throwing open skies to SAARC and ASEAN members, US and Asian airlines have an opportunity to increase their share. Sixty percen of the traffic between India and the US is caried by non-US, non-Indian carriers.

There are periods when the Transatlantic travel is going through a low or a shoulder season but the traffic to India is heavy, like late Oct-Mid Nov and March. Also, with the exception of Christmas-New Year period, the ourist season to India spans the Oct-March, the traditional low season across the Atltantic. Increased coonnectivity to India would help fill in seats in the low season.
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