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Originally Posted by RichardMEL
OK, it is clear the trips to alice springs, hobart (looks like I'm doing that one on Friday.. really to test my QP access.. oh.. and to give to charity... really!)... but my point with the mystery flights is this.... they say it's to "A capital city" with "at least 8 hours there" - that sounds very much like the old mystery flights they used to do (incidently AN booked those in A class-but they'd post as B class.. weird, no idea what QF booked 'em in)... I'd imagine they could certainly book them in X class which would make sense, or perhaps one of those funky group rates that don't earn points - but I was thinking for these they'd be utilising regular QF services just as the old MF's did... in which case they're not REALLY charters....

Let me put it this way - I'd do one if I thought there was a chance to get some points out of it (SC's really).. but I prob. wouldn't do it if I couldn't get SC's (specially as I'm going to do the HBA one anyway).

I will phone and ask. You never know...
It all depends on how they have set them up. Who knows, they may be charter flights with all the mystery flight people going to the same destination. But they may also just be empty seats on regular flights as well.
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