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Well, I had a fine stay here for two nights and was upgraded to a huge suite-- although it was not high season.

Received my Diamond amenity without any problem -- because I make a point of asking for it.

Breakfast could have been better, but so what, that is what this hotel provides. They obviously are not hurting for buisness, because they are the only property that I know of that requires a non-refundable deposit on any reservation made.

You don't like the Terms and Conditions and benefits provided by the property, well, you are free not to patronize the place. Otherwise, grin and bear it.

Finally, there is no free parking at this property. If that offends you, again, you are free not to go.

Polson --

I will be most surprised if you received any GP points for your spa charges -- better check your bill again. This spa is not owned by the hotel and does not ordinarily award points for such charges.