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BA and BMI

I have read a few comments on comp. status with BA Gold.

Before I send my fax or letter, I just want to make sure hat i'm not missing anything ( I have never asked for comp status before) :
- do I just send my last BA miles copy along with a copy of the BA Gold card ?
- what if I haven't travelled much those past few months but i'm still BA G = wil BD comp my status ? I intend to travel more in the near future.Is it possible that BD only comps me to Silver for instance even if I'm B A GOLD ? is it possible that they don't comp me at all ( I guess the answer's yes, but then for which reasons would they refuse it ? )
- How long will my BD status be for ?
- Do I have to write an "extensive" letter explaining why i want to switch to *A and BD , or is it just enough to simply ask for a comp. status ( is that a BD scheme or a case to case basis ? )

THanks for your comments. i have to send this before end of this week as i'llbe traveling after.

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