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If it were me, I'd say to ask for the Front Desk Manager. Explain that you feel the quality of what you are getting seems akward in comparison to what you've been accustom to at other Park Hyatt locations. I wouldn't build up an arsenal of bad things, just be honest and let him or her know your concerns. I'm sure that if you are sincere and tactful about it, they will make things right, but if you don't say something to management, how can they do anything? Doesn't hurt to mention it...you are a guest...and they are the service provider. Give it a shot.

Originally Posted by subdawg
We are staying at the PH Beaver Creek this weekend and their service has been consistently poor in regards to treatment with diamond members. When we arrived at the front desk, we did not get any greeting, he simply asked for our last name (with no eye contact and broken english) and checked us in. He did not suggest the diamond amenity card or bfast coupons (which is lacking as well). We had to ask him for it, then he had the nerve to ask if I was diamond and if I had my diamond card. My husband and I are both diamond and rarely do we get asked for our diamond card. I usually assume they can look it up in their system.

Another thing, most Hyatts (and even the Parks) that we have stayed at have decent breafast options (either continental or american buffet) for diamond members if there is no Regency lounge. However, this hotel probably has the worst selection: a pastry, a small tropicana juice, and coffee/tea. Pretty lame if you ask me.

I just wanted to reconfirm that diamond members do not get any special treatment at this hotel. But does have a great location and plenty of things to do near the hotel.
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