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I had the box lunch recently on shuttle flights from LHR to MAN. I was pretty impressed, it is better than the hot roll on BA in Y.

Considering I mostly fly on the West coast routes in the USA, where they only manage a drink on a 2hr flight, a meal on a 30min flight is great.

The box is kind of funky, and when the tray table is not flat, their lid come tray thing becomes a perfect lever for ensuring the drink is wobbled every time you touch the lid.

I would also have prefered something a bit more filling. I was still hungry after my chicken roll.

Take a tip from the BA and United Intl flights. The best thing about breakfast is the *warm* croissant - the stone cold ones in coach suck. I also like the scone and clotted cream for tea - its so british and kind of special.
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