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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by StarAllianceGold:
My only real concern is the amount of waste created and the Krypton Factor style challenge of fitting all the rubbish back inside the box once I've finished my meal.

As far as the seats go - I much prefer the 2x3 on bmi rather than the 3x3 on BA.
Agreed, and it's not just a Krypton Factor challenge to fit the rubbish back in, but the oblong shape also means you can't use the rest of the tray table for any other meaningful purpose while the box is in front of you (sliding into your lap). And, yes, please, a proper chocolate instead of Kit Kat - even a Ferrero Rocher would do...

As for all your 2x3 kudos, you obviously haven't travelled C on a full Fokker 100! It's an identical (and narrower-than-normal) seat to economy, the very same bar service, an identical sandwich (often with no choice either)... So remind me what the price premium is for? A mini Kit Kat and some grapes?!
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