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OK, some slightly more constructive criticism than earlier...

All that packaging is distracting. You can't find stuff (how often have I witnessed an inexperienced early morning flier wolf down that panini - panino? - only then to discover the ketchup at the bottom of his box...). You end up with a table full of crap. The Krypton Factor jibe was harsh, but fair. It's just downright irritating. Make it go away.

Secondly, what people who have paid a frankly ludicrous amount of money for no discernible reason want is, yes you've guessed it, a discernible reason. And that's the food (yeah, so 1C is nice, but all those poor sods on the RHS don't even notice they've got an extra inch...).

To start with the breakfasts. I actually don't miss that full cooked thing. Everyone gets excited about it because it's a full cooked breakfast on a plane, but let's be honest: eggs just don't reheat. So the panini are good. I prefer the sausage one myself, although Bond Boy likes the bacon. Here's an idea - why not offer us a choice? Sausage, Bacon or veggy muck? Dammit, if we look hungry, why not come round after and offer us a second? What about someone going up and down with a basket of warm croissants and some bread and jam? Or the return of toast? Or maybe both?

I've never taken that many lunch flights, so onto dinner.

Serve the hot thing in a dish. Not a microwave tray. We notice things like this. BA may be utterly hopeless in every other respect, but at least they use china... Slices of apple in a plastic bag are the kind of thing that any self-respecting seven year-old would find insulting in his packed lunch. Get rid of them. Fruit salad, however, is acceptable. And you know what I miss most? Those nice little round Lindt chocolates to go with coffee. Mmmmm. They were nice. See what people want, you marketing gimps? A nice chocolate. Not a concept.

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