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OK, the cat is now officially out of the bag!

Mailout arrived this morning, now trying to make sense of it!

It's less of an "overhaul" and more of an "engine-out rebuild" with virtually every aspect of the program changing. Rather than go into it all here, I'll post the link:


Conversion ratio for existing DC points-miles: 40:1 (30:1 for status)
Redemptions appear to have been converted at roughly 20:1, but there has been some "fiddle factors" applied, with the US getting (relatively) more expensive, Asia-Far getting cheaper and Asia near getting more expensive.
25% mileage bonus for *S/*G
New "Status Miles" really, really favour the paid premium traveller - one long-haul in F and you're *G!
All *A redemptions have a miles+cash option That is valid for any class this looks like a very attractive way of getting up front!

Discounted Economy = 50% miles, "Web-only" = 25% miles, so transatlantic "status runs" are a thing of the past!
Still no upgrade awards.

Econ*1, Y/T*1.5, Biz*2, First*3, Cheapies as above.
16,000 status miles for *S
38,000 + *S for *G
25% bonus for *S/*G on DC miles (not status)

Not as scary as I had feared, but I think we may be in for a few "adjustments" before the year is out....


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