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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by small em:
Errm... isn't it 40 sectors? Which is exactly the same as LH SEN once you're earning the 25% executive bonus.

Still, it's scary stuff. Glad I recently cashed in my stash of points for 2 C-class to Vancouver.
Agreed! Sorry, must beware of posting after a few glasses of wine! Since most of my (previous) BD revenue flights have been on Routepasses, it's easy to get trips and segments mixed up!

Please double my quoted mileage levels!

Please, don't get me wrong, a move to a mileage based program could be a major improvement to DC, and would certainly iron out some of the grosser iniquities for people who don't just fly to/from Europe.

My concern is that if it isn't done right, it could also be a complete stitch-up! Also the lack of communication and speed of the change implies that it is being introduced "fait accompli" - which always sets alarms off in my mind.

I agree that if DC uses the current Miles&More structure for foreign members then qualification levels may remain the same (but it really does depend on your travel profile, doesn't it?), but the redemption levels and conversion rate are the key factors, aren't they?

Remember that domestic M&M members require 150K miles for SEN qualification!

I hope the program ends up better, if so, it is timed very well for me, as, having just worked out what I would get for my FSTAR1, I was off to M&M in disgust! However, the main purpose of DC is to ensure that frequent BD dom/eur travellers end up with Gold status and benefits - it would be a bad thing if this changed!


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