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DANGER!! DANGER Will Robinson! My sensors detect a major programme change!

(To get the full effect of the title, you should imagine me flailing my arms around in front of me!)

Just been onto the DC line, and got a bombshell dropped on me.

Most account-related updates are locked out at the moment as they are doing an update *TO MOVE OVER TO A MILEAGE BASED SYSTEM* at the end of this month.

No more DC points, just miles.

No information on the conversion ratio, nor the new earnings multipliers for C,F, nor the new redemption levels....

Silver/Gold status will be based on mileage, not points, targets, as yet unknown.

Does seem a little short notice though doesn't it? One might almost think that they want to preclude a mad rush for redemptions at the old levels, if one were paranoid (like I am...).

Perhaps one or more of our "connected" bretheren (hi aj) might be in a position to find out more.

Letters due out next week, seemingly....


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