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Yes a 29K * RTW in C will theoretically get you 58K status miles and 68500 destinations miles (the latter by my maths, which may well be suspect...). Thus yes, your 25% bonus should kick in as soon as you're silver, but note that as far we can tell this bonus only applies to destinations miles, not status miles.

However, be aware that as per the table I linked to above, some carriers (as far as I can tell only SQ) don't award double miles for business (eq with SQ you get 1.5x miles flown in J - their equivalent of C). Also, you'll need to double check what booking class a RTW books into in business (because it won't be "C") - you should be able to find this by searching in the Star forum, if not just ask in there and someone will know.

Finally, unless they've got a new computer system (and at the moment anything is possible...) the 4900 would just vanish. However, they can usually be easily reinstated through a quick call to a lovely person at DC. But I think this is discretionary, and a strict reading of the rules allows them to "vanish", so in planning your trip try to make sure you're not putting too many miles at risk in this way just in case...

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