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An example of how silly the discount economy miles thievery is...

I need to go to Madrid for a weekend in August.

I go onto the bmi website, and punch in my dates. I get a price including taxes of 100.90 (that includes my 10 web discount). I then call the bmi DC and they tell me that one of the segments will get me 0.5 miles, and the other 0.25 miles. According to webflyer's mileage calculator this is 1548 miles each way, or 3096 all together. So I'd earn (1548x0.5)+(1548x0.25) = 1161 status miles. Don't forget my 25% bonus on the destinations miles = 1451 of those.

OR I could book EXACTLY THE SAME FLIGHTS on a SpanAir codeshare. I could do this directly on their site, or I could do it at Travelocity (which helpfully gives me the fare class I'm booked into - in this case W - 100% miles). So that's 3096 status miles and 3870 destinations miles. The cost? 108.90. Are 1935 status miles and 2419 destinations miles worth the eight quid? Well, at 0.4p per status mile and 0.3p per destination mile, I'd have thought so.

So who loses out here? Certainly not us. I don't know enough about how the financial mechanics at the back of the airline industry works, so maybe someone else can help out.

Spanair obviously give the lion's share of the cash to bmi for the flight. But they keep some, surely, for the "marketing" cost as it's on their codeshare. Anyone know how much this is?

Spanair also "buy" the miles of BD.

The question is, I suppose, does the former outweight the latter?

Answers on a postcard please...

(PS - anyone ever tried to use a gold upgrade voucher on bmi metal on a codeshare?)

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