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Originally Posted by Jac747
I also need two phones though that will work in France. Should I just rent them through Verizon, our service here in CA?
Verizon uses CDMA technology in the US.

You will need GSM 900/1800 for Europe.

Unlocked 900/1800 mHz GSM phones can be acquired from as well as other sources. My personal favorite is the Nokia 3200 (NOT the 3200b that US carriers sell). Then you can buy a prepaid SIM in Paris for instant use of your new phone.

Beware that MOST of the unlocked GSM phones on ebay are NOT 900/1800 mHz. 850 and 1900 mHz will NOT work in Europe.

Enjoy Paris. My fam and I will be there at the end of March once again. I can't wait!!!
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