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I agree that for some cities, the Canadian market is saturated. I also can't see the US airlines opening any kind of hub in Canada. Someone made a point about the number of flights in and out of Green Bay and nearby Appleton. It's pretty incredible to see AA UA DL NW flying out of these smaller cities. I don't know if it makes sense, but it is incredible.

I guess Green Bay with a metro area of 220K which would compare to say Kelowna or Charlottetown?

It's pretty clear that the regional model with the hub is quite alive and well. AC has this model well in place with little or no competition. So, will the US airlines come in and complete in Canada with US hubs? Say, buy a ticket from Thunder Bay to Charlotte with choices of DL (CVG), UA (ORD), or NW (MNL)? I could see this happening fairly quickly and be good for consumers. It would force AC to compete on connection routes and would drive down the prices overall there.

I can't see US airlines opening intra-Canada services just as I can't see AC opening intra-US services. But I could see US carriers opening up regional services in Canadian cities with connections to hubs in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago, Boston, and Minneapolis. Whether anyone would use these hubs to connect to other Canadian cities doesn't really make sense, unless you were on say, YUL/YOW/YYZ to a western Canada service. Even then, the natural shortest route for these flights are usually over YAM or further north, so even a stop in Minneapolis seems to be a bit out of the way. I guess it depends on how cheap the ticket is?
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