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Originally Posted by boymimbo
We'll get 100% benefits, sure, until AC is bought out or bankrupted by some other airline(s). Then that's the end of *A in Canada.

And as for the "status hungry" passengers, I am quite sure that the 180 or so pax on a typical 767 YYZ-YVR are not all looking for status; they are looking for a good flight time, a meal, a safe plane, decent service, and connections, all at a competitive price
All the US airlines will do is continue to lose money, get bailed out by their government, offer cheap "loss leader" fares, force the other Canadian carriers to follow suit, and then reap the rewards when AC goes belly-up! I am talking about the most pessimistic situation mind you, but does anyone see a long term healthy, profitiable AC out of this measure? Does Milton think that AC can compete and win against the US carriers? Will AC compete with US hub cities? Maybe AC will start its own hub in St. Louis? New Orleans? Can't see it.

Exactly,if AC has competition it will be force to improve the service,have good flight times and all other issues you have mentioned.And AC will survive,people tend to support companies which give them value for their money.AC's survival be in its hands.
RM is a fighter and I am confident he make the neccessary improvements.
It is only in the last two years that AC's service has gone downhill.In the late nineties as I have posted in my other posts,you could not get me to fly on another carrier if AC flew that route.
I recall,I met many American passengers who would rather fly AC from Europe via YYZ not because of low fares,but because of AC service.Many told me that they could have got lower fares on US carriers.This was well before pre 9/11.
It is amazing what competition can do.
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