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Forget 45 days

Originally Posted by brooklynflyer
I submitted my paperwork on December 1 and continue to enjoy the same "special" treatment each time I fly (including yesterday). How is that expedited? On top of it, I can never reach a human at the Ombudsman's office so that I can actually confirm that they received my information and are processing it.
I sent my documents via certified mail to TSA and they received it the first week of November. Nearly 70 days later I received the TSA letter "verifying my identity". The bottom of the letter is a directive to airline personnel and law enforcement officers that I have the same or similiar name to someone who is prohibited from flying or requires additional screening. It says: "TSA includes names and personal identifying data on cleared individuals as additional information on the TSA watch lists."

So, basically, I have to carry this letter with me whenever I fly from now on.
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