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Originally Posted by Miggles
I called TSA in December about getting the ball rolling on this crap. When should I expect to receive the form or some kind of response from them? The whole process was supposed to take 45 days from the data I filled out the form, but now its been 45+ days since I called them, and I have yet to receive a form or any other request for information. What an absolute waste of time and security dollars.

What gets my goat even more is that the TSA could have at least put a PDF file of the PIV form so that I don't have to wait wait wondering whether or not someone trashed my original request.

The really dumb thing is that TSA obviously added anywhere from hundreds of thousands to millions of passengers to these lists. In effect they cast such a wide net, that now they are going to have to expend huge resources just to send out forms, review the forms, and notify airlines of the many corrections. What do they think the US is, Iraq with an estimated 40,000 insurgents running amok?
With our porous borders, there could be 40,000 insurgents running around.
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